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Friday, August 15, 2014

Pitstop in Mobile, AL then to New Orleans!


Today was yet another great day. We woke up in Atlanta and now we are about to fall asleep in New Orleans but let us tell you all about what went down today! First we had awesome breakfast burritos made by the one and only Hannah Holst (thanks, girl!) and then we were back on the road heading towards Mobile Alabama. The south continues to amaze the both of us with their beautiful landscapes and outrageously friendly communities!  We met up with Ally Clements who has been living in Mobile for most of her life and makes beautiful jewelry out of animal bones. Ally is always on the lookout for roadkill because thats where she gets her bones from! This girl is pretty badass… she finds these dead animals and tries to use every part she can to incorporate it into her work. If the skins are salvageable shell keep them for other projects, like practicing her taxidermy, or just as a nice conversational decoration piece but her main focus is on the bones! She has been really pushing the art community in Mobile to become more lively and explosive. She will be at the RAW ARTS festival down in New Orleans next week- so if any of you viewers are in the area, look out for her boutique jewelry made of bones.

You can also buy her beautifully crafted gems online at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BarelyBonesBoutique

Now we are staying in New Orleans with a friend from our hometown in NJ, Tessa! It's gonna be a fun weekend down in NOLA. Can't wait to share it with ya!

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Peace ya'll!!

Andrea + Rosie

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