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Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 2 On The Road

mountain Fiesta Pancakes and sausage
Good Morning from Appalachia Center of Craft, TN!

Our morning at Mountain Fiesta was wonderful, had some pancakes and sausage made for us at the sweet B&B! We then packed up, said our goodbyes to the lovely hosts and made our way to Asheville to meet with our FIRST interviewee.

We spent our day with JoAnna Carroll in Asheville, NC; visiting her studio, home, and garden and eating lunch at The Lucky Otter with her house mate Jan. She was a true inspiration to us, talking about life journeys and emitting the happiest of vibes! It seemed to be so serendipitous too because she contacted us the DAY BEFORE and said she was willing to be interviewed- when we honestly didn't even have an interview lined up for Asheville yet! She saved the day and all the while MADE our day. A day so full of human connection that we didn't really take many photos, unfortunately. But we do have our interview with JoAnna uploaded and ready for you all! You can also see it at www.vimeo.com/soapskeptics

After departing with JoAnna, we took a mini adventure down to the French Broad River where we collected some sticks, leaves, plants, and other raw materials to put in our weaving that will represent the state of North Carolina. Here is the finished product:

We put our card on it and left it somewhere in Downtown Asheville for someone to find. We don't have much room in our car, so we decided to just make the weavings then leave them around and hopefully people who find it will appreciate it, the weavings are like us... ephemeral in each city, coming and going and not many people notice.

We walked around and looked at some shops, got some post cards we'll be sending out soon, and got some AMAZING cold brewed coffee. Then, we hit the road for Nashville, TN. 

It was the SUPER MOON! So we had to pull over and take some pictures...

We arrived at the Tennessee Tech university Center for Crafts around 8:30 pm where we were greeted by the security guard and he gave us a key to this wonderful, less humble, abode where we will be staying until Tuesday. Today we are getting ready to meet with Jeanne Brady, the woman who set us up with this shelter and has been supporting our project since we contacted the Center for Craft way back in April.

Time to begin the day! Peace ~

Andrea + Rosie

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