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Two girls making somethings out of nothings with their hands. This summer we hope to embark on an epic cross country road trip, interviewing all kinds of artist along the way in order to make a documentary about art and culture in America today. OUR KICKSTARTER IS UP AND RUNNING! follow us and stay informed! Instagram: @soapskeptics Facebook.com/soapskeptics.1

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just a few days til we hit the road

Some updates on what we've been up to!

Packing and packing and packing. We got a GoPro Hero, this thing is awesome! We'll be using it as our hangout camera and the Canon will be our interview camera. We are renting a car this Friday and leaving EARLY Saturday morning, the arrangements are all set. Then we are hitting the road to North Carolina- ASHEVILLE ~ Andrea went to AAA and got the route all mapped out along with some tour books on awesome stuff happening in NC, AZ, NM, and OR.

An awesome Metuchen local, Mr. Freed, donated some audio equipment and memory cards for our documentary. When asked if we can repay him in any way he said, "I just want to see you guys make a GREAT documentary". And thats EXACTLY what's going to happen with all of the great support we have from our family, friends, and community. 

Stay tuned with what we're doing on the road- keep checking out blog and follow our instagram: @Soapskeptics

Peace !


Andrea + Rosie

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