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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hotlanta: Days 4 & 5


Indigo leaves from the Garden at Appalachia Center for Craft
So we'll start off saying that the trip to the river failed. We were packed and ready to go walk the trails and enjoy the morning but the spiders and their webs forced us to turn around… Spiders: 1 SoapSkeptics: 0. Instead of doing that we visited Kelsey and Jeanne in the Fiber arts studios. Kelsey showed us some of her amazing work! All of it was so beautiful and delicate you couldn't help but feel relaxed around it. Very inspiring. Our time at the Appalachian Center for Craft was amazing. We got to experience some great nature and explore wonderful studios, met with Jeanne Brady who has been supporting us since the beginning, and also Kelsey who inspired us in so many ways. Thank you ACC for accepting and welcoming us into your community. Hopefully we'll be back sometime soon!

Our TN weaving

Next stop, HOTlanta! Avondale Estates to be exact, where we met with Lynn Sisler. Lynn creates some great paintings/collages involving animals. Her reasons for incorporating animals into her work are pretty eye opening and definitely force the mind to think a bit. You can check out her interview in the next couple of days to find out what exactly she has to say.

One of Andrea's friends from school, Hannah, is from Atlanta so we just met up with her and her friend  Mel. Although it's only been a few hours, we must say that it is so lively, fun, warm, and eclectic! Definitely feeling some good vibes over here. Got to relax for a bit then hopped over to MOTHER, a cool little bar and taco joint near the heart of Atlanta. Mel offered us a place to stay and we couldn't be more thankful! The road has been good to us.

Although Andrea did all of the driving today, I think its safe to say that with all the running around and altitude/climate change we both are beat. Tomorrow we plan to explore the city and see more of this glorious place.



So last night, Andrea has an accident and spilt half a bottle of sumi ink on her laptop, right on the key board, after a night of draining it out and cleaning it, and putting it in rice, it still doesn't work. It's unfortunate, but we are going to be unable to edit and post videos, Rosie's computer is too old to update the iMovie software. It's an obstacle we'll manage to overcome for sure. Aside from that…

Today was a good day! We started off at Highland Bakery for brunch with Hannah and then went back to her place in Buckhead. You guys… the SoapSkeptics gals were stunned! Hannah's mom welcomed us into her gorgeous home with open arms and was genuinely interested in our mission on this road trip. It doesn't cease to amazes us how supportive so many people are of our mission.

We spent the afternoon adventuring through the Glass Objects Studio, Gallery, and Smoke Shop space. Mel works there and gave us the grand tour, she then demonstrated blowing glass into marbles. It was awesome. Then Hannah and Mel showed us around Atlanta's street art murals. There is an event happening on Saturday called Living Walls so a bunch of muralists are hanging around Atlanta painting on the walls. We decided for dinner we needed fried chicken from the south. So

Mel took us to a spot she'd been wanting to go to called Harrold's Chicken and Ice- but it also has the name Harold's Chicken Shack. Luck for us, it was comedy night at Harold's so we also got a live comedy show to accompany our friend chicken, mac and cheese bites, and fried okra. After dinner we went to a local with signs that say: "CHURCH it's a bar". We met some really amazing folks here in ATL. Hannah and all of her friends were so sweet to us, so open, friendly, caring and helpful! The south sure knows about hospitality.

Something about the liveliness and influx of art and culture in this city really made us feel comfortable and inspired. Would love to come back and explore this city to even greater depths. Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far, this experience has already been life changing and it's only been 5 days.

Now we are going to head to Mobile, Alabama for an interview then end the day in New Orleans where we plan to stay for the weekend. Until then, goodnight and be well.

Andrea + Rosie

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