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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 3: 8/11/14

Yesterday was a slowwww day. We woke up in our cabin in the Applachian Center for Craft and explored around. We met with Jeanne Brady, the head of the Fiber Arts Department and she showed us around the campus. We got to see some of her amazing work in her studio as well. She led us to THE BEST RESTAURANT in Smitheville, which was surprisingly Mexican! It was sooo good. Rosie and I then ended up exploring a bit, we walked down to the river that surrounds the area. Soon after it started to downpour for the rest of the afternoon so we just stayed inside and took it easy: painting, napping, watching movies, etc.
Drawing in the rain

The Appalachian Center For Craft

In the evening we met with our neighbor, Kelsey, who is an amazing fiber artist working primarily with embroidery. She was ever so kind and made us dinner! She is the next interview, but it's not ready yet so that will probably be featured in tomorrow's blog post.

collecting plants for our TN weaving
We ended the night with a much needed viewing of Britney Spears' classic, Crossroads circa 2002. We can really identify with her struggles on the road... we also may have a little bit of cabin fever. But that's okay because we're about to go out to the river for a nice little swim today! The weather is beuatiful in TN right now, so we're going to take advantage before we head to Atlanta to interview with Lynn Sisler.

Until then, folks!

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