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Two girls making somethings out of nothings with their hands. This summer we hope to embark on an epic cross country road trip, interviewing all kinds of artist along the way in order to make a documentary about art and culture in America today. OUR KICKSTARTER IS UP AND RUNNING! follow us and stay informed! Instagram: @soapskeptics Facebook.com/soapskeptics.1

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taking A Break From Work Is Good For You

We have been busy busy the past few weeks, getting our Kickstarter Campaign launched, continuing to interview local artists, edit the films, and creating creations to sell at our local art festival, June Bug!
We decided to take this glorious day and spend it at Round Valley Park in New Jersey. 

GO THERE BECAUSE IT IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The water is crystal clear, the trees are radiating good vibrations, and the air is just too good to not breathe. It's always good to get out of the office/studio/home and just explore somewhere new with good friends, and some sandwiches. 


Now, we must continue on our work! 
We have a couple "Artist Perspective" 
videos coming to ya'll this week:

One is with SEEMORIAH, a very passionate multidisciplinary feminist artist from New York City. She gives us interesting opinions about living in New York City as an artist and as a Puerto Rican woman. 

Second, we have Boat Shoes, a one man experimental band who uses cacophony at it's finest. He talks with us about being from a small town in New Jersey with little cultural influences, how hip hop shaped his interest in music, and how/why his interest has evolved over time.

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