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Two girls making somethings out of nothings with their hands. This summer we hope to embark on an epic cross country road trip, interviewing all kinds of artist along the way in order to make a documentary about art and culture in America today. OUR KICKSTARTER IS UP AND RUNNING! follow us and stay informed! Instagram: @soapskeptics Facebook.com/soapskeptics.1

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Local Metuchen, New Jersey Artists (Andrea Garcia and Rosie McNeill) are embarking on a trip across North America to discover the relationship between our quickly-evolving culture and art practice in 2014.

SoapSkeptics is traveling to and supporting other local artists across America in order to create a documentary on the subject, collaborate with the artists, and create a new form of community which can only be obtained through  human interaction.

We are ALSO publishing a book which will consist of handmade weavings we create out of raw materials in every city/town we stop in along with our drawings and writings from our personal sketch books. The book will be the way in which WE visually represent our journey and experiences across America.

For more details, stay tuned for our kickstarter which will be launched on May 14- help us reach our goal of $5,000 to make this project happen !!!!

Help us get the word out about our mission and if you are interest, please feel free to contact us, follow us, like us.


Support local artists!!

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