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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shearing of the Sheep At Jenny Jump Farm

Jacob Sheep Frantically Wondering Whats Going To Happen Next

What a beautiful day it was today on April 19, 2014. The SoapSkeptics gang woke up with the vibrant sun and headed up to North West New Jersey to visit Jenny Jump Farm to help out with shearing the sheep!

Tom's Set Up

Friends of the Jenny Jump Farm traveled from all around the tristate area to work together and get this thing going.

We had an expert sheep shearer, Tom, do a quick, swift, and delicate job at giving all 19 jacob sheep and 1 angora goat nice hair cuts for the hot summer to come. He really knew what he was doing to calm these sheep down and get the job done quickly.

Joanie and Liz led the sheep to and from the barn, to shearing area, to outside. 

Workin Workin Workin

Then there was a whole crew of ladies carrying out the fleeces and picking out the vegetation, dirt, poo, and whatever else these jacob sheep had going on in their fleece (which honestly wasn't much to clean because Joanie keeps them in such good shape), then we sorted each fleece by individual sheep where they will then be taken to be professionally washed and eventually turned into amazing wools of gray, brown, black, and white.

Bundles of Fleece Sorted by Individual Sheep

We also discovered that the left over/scrap fleece that will not be used to make wool CAN BE USED for fertilizer in your garden! So none of it goes to waste at all!

Jacob Sheep Soaking Up The Sun With Their Skin

We were so happy to contribute our helping hands to the farm and so grateful to have met new and wonderful folks who love helping out, talking, and fiber arts as much as we do!

Jacob Is In Our Trunk And We Are Excited
 SoapSkeptics also brought home a new friend thanks to Joanie and Bob~
A four harness table loom! 
Our Fiber Studio Lookin So Good Now That We Have Jacob
We named him Jacob, after the Jacob Sheep at Jenny Jump Farm :)

He will help us make wonderful things, we don't know what yet, but whatever it is, it will be wonderful.
So much thanks to Joanie and Bob for another amazing visit to your farm and home!

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