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Two girls making somethings out of nothings with their hands. This summer we hope to embark on an epic cross country road trip, interviewing all kinds of artist along the way in order to make a documentary about art and culture in America today. OUR KICKSTARTER IS UP AND RUNNING! follow us and stay informed! Instagram: @soapskeptics Facebook.com/soapskeptics.1

Saturday, April 19, 2014

About an Artist: Shirley Yu

About an Artist: Shirley Yu

Shirley Yu is a 19 year old fashion portraiture photographer  from Beijing, China who has had very little schooling on the actual subject matter, but has been determined since a young age to be the best. She has interned and assisted countless photographers and has learned so much from her experiences that she has now been published in numerous magazines and websites because of her beautiful portfolio.
In this video, Shirley Yu discusses what art and photography mean to her and also discusses how her background has influenced her work ethic.

To view more of Shirley Yu's work visit: www.photobyshirley.com

SoapSkeptics is making these short films about artists' perspectives on culture and art because we are interested to see how the two subjects influence peoples day to day lives. America is such a diverse country and it is astonishing to see so many cultures and styles coexist, especially since we are located in the tri-state area. Our goal is to road trip across North America August - September 2014 and interview artists of all mediums along the way to discover how heritage, culture, art, and history tie into peoples lives across our nation. 

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