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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Visit to Jenny Jump Farm

Story Time!

As we approached the end of winter, we also approached a wonderful farm in North West New Jersey called Jenny Jump Farm.

An awesome friend of ours, Zach, set up a visit with Joanie and Bob who oh-so warmly welcomed us into their home and taught us some interesting lessons on life, self sustainability, fibers, photography, art, animals, and food. 

The home is decorated wall to wall with art, books, and photographs. Bob told us stories about his friends who are artists and showed us some of their work while we drank hot chocolate by the fireplace. We were taught how to make vegetarian egg-drop soup. All of the drinks and soup were served in ceramic bowls and mugs made by Bob himself!

Joan gave us a tour of the farm, where we met the Jacob Sheep, the donkey and the horse! In the backyard there is a kiln and ceramic studio filled with beautiful and inspiring creations. Joanie was kind enough to show us her spinning wheels, wools, and looms. She gave us a little demo on how to do everything and also let us try spinning our own yarn with her wool. She showed us a collection of blankets, scarves, and weavings she has made in the past with her natural fibers along with hand spun yarn. 

It was such an awesome opportunity to meet such a wonderful, humble, and caring couple so willing to teach us a thing or two and spread good vibes the whole way.

Bob is a wonderful nature photographer, and he took some portraits of us while we were practicing the spinning wheel, to see more of his photography click here.

This experience was a spark that ignited a desire to continue to learn from others and also teach others. It's such a beautiful thing- to meet people with shared interest who are so willing and open to just talk and exist with others! Being human with other humans... 

If you are interested in sheering sheep, Joanie and Bob are having a demonstration in April. More details can be found here.

Thank you to Bob and Joanie!!
And thank you to Zach for inviting us along the ride!!

Peace and Love~

Rosie and Andrea

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