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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Heading Home!!

~ Our Route Back to Good Ole' NJ ~

Monday the First of September!

A day full of very little action for us in San Francisco. We started the day with Americanos down by the Sunset area. Then we headed to the Golden Gate Park and got to see some nature before heading to a tattoo shop Rosie's friend, Jake, works out of. 

Lefty's Tattoo Co. on 11th street in San Francisco is where we spent the entire afternoon. Andrea got to meet Johnny and Jake and Trent and Rosie got to catch up with old friends. An interview was not conducted, but we did leave the parlor with some new permanent friends!
After spending the day at the shop we came back to our motel and just passed out.

If you haven't read in our previous post, we ARE HEADING BACK TO NJ today…. it'll probably take us three days, but we have just enough money to get back home and save for post production costs and we would rather have a little bit of post production funds than be in Seattle stuck with no money. It's a shame we can't make it up to explore Portland and Seattle, but we have had SUCH an adventure the past four weeks… it wouldn't make the trip any better or worse if we went. Maybe next summer we'll make it out there. But for now, we are packing up our motel room in San Francisco and heading to a park somewhere to make the California weaving!


We hit the road and also hit a bunch of traffic, delaying our departure from San Fran by like three hours. It was worth it because we filled out empty stomachs with some good coffees, salads, and sandwiches. We made it through Lake Tahoe and got to stop to admire the beautiful forests in that area!

We made it to Nevada! Where we stayed was a small town filled with casinos and motels. I guess the Vegas vibe carries through this large state…
The day consisted of driving… as most days will from this point forward. We are splitting the drive in three hour shifts and trying to drive for at least 10 hours every day to get back to NJ as soon as we can! Next stop- Mt. Rushmore!!


We left the motel and stopped at a grocery store on our way our of some small mining town in Nevada. We met some guy who called out to us "HEY THERES THE BURNING MAN CREW!" He took us aback… "what?" Andrea called back to him. "You guys just come back from burning man?" The two of us took a minute to look at ourselves… Andrea was wearing a green bandana and a hawaiian shirt with rolled up denim jeans and converse. Rosie had on a tank top and jeans and boots and her fanny pack. I guess to this little town we are obvious outsiders… but burning man? (for those of you who don't know burning man… google it.) Then Andrea replies "OHHH nooo we didn't go to burning man!….. We're just crazy." And the man replies with a big laugh "THATS GOOD! CRAZY IS BEAUTIFUL!" Which then sparked a conversation between the three for about 15 minutes until we realized that he himself was crazy. We carried on….

We zipped through Nevada as the speed limit here is 80 mph and made out way to Utah! We made a stop at The Great Salt Lake, put our bathing suits on, walked down to the shoreline, and realized how bad it smelled. Dried up, salty, rotten eggs. That was all we could sense on that lake. Eggs. Andrea wanted to be brave, though. She started to walk into the lake. Right on the shoreline are MILLIONS of little nat bugs that stay very low to the ground and when you take a step, they all swarm up and move a few inches over- this happens with every step  you take. Along with the smell…. Rosie could barely stomach it and Andrea could just make it out to her knees before feeling defeated by the Great Salt Lake. After that pit stop, we continued driving through beautiful Utah into the wonderful Wyoming where we got to see a magnificently purple and pink sunset! We made it to  motel by 10 pm and had a good nights sleep.

Now it is the morning of the fourth and we have lots to drive until we hit Rushmore… maybe another 8 hours or so.

Hope everyone is having a good beginning of the school year and being safe! Thanks for following our blog :)

Until next time [we have wifi] ~

Andrea + Rosie



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