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Two girls making somethings out of nothings with their hands. This summer we hope to embark on an epic cross country road trip, interviewing all kinds of artist along the way in order to make a documentary about art and culture in America today. OUR KICKSTARTER IS UP AND RUNNING! follow us and stay informed! Instagram: @soapskeptics Facebook.com/soapskeptics.1

Thursday, July 3, 2014


We want to dedicate this blog post to all of the wonderful people who have pledged towards our project and made it so successful with us raising OVER our goal by $90. We could not be more excited and eager to get this road trip happening to we can experience all of the wonderful things ahead. This whole process is about humans being humans and helping one another, from the Kickstarter, to on the road, to collaborating with the artists we'll meet, this is a moment of sincere gratitude and happiness which we will soon share with all whom cross our path! Thank you again, and please let's all take a moment to thank the wonderful folks who made this possible:

Claudia Vasquez
Ernie Garcia
Kate Crowly McNeill
Susie Stephenson
Julie Lausterer
Enriqueta Garcia Oakley
Daniel Garcia
Balbina Leeming
David Leeming
Charles Simmons
Joanie Schneiber
Bob Thompson
Lisa Donnan
Kim Holmes Calhoun
Valentina Gordon
David and Cathy Katz
Eli Garcia
Safi Ali-Khan
Eugenia Vasquez
Stephanie Read
Jeanne Brady
Issa Sabah
Jennifer Daro
Tegan James
Stephanie Katz
Jennifer Reis
Josef Pinlac
Diana Garcia Benito
Fr. Alejandra Lopez Cardinale
MaryKathryn McNeill
Agatha Salvatierra
Doerte Weber
Janet Sousa
Bob Holman
George Rue
Jesse Steir
Emma O'Mara
Emily Evans
Josh Barocas
Jude Fox
Brianna Zukarfein
Chaerin Ahn
Danny Garcia
Berny Tan
Mark Harris
Linda Bradbury
Annette Wehrhahn
Arlene Thayer
Priscilla Beer
Robert Sanchez
Francine Steadman
Wilfredo Benitez
Monica Lowe
Cara Young
Janet Swindler
Miles H. Lewis
Jack West
Emma Stern
Robin Dunn

~And special thanks go to~
Our families, our parents, our siblings, our cousins, our grandparents, uncles, aunts who have supported our crazy ideas since the very beginning. 

Our grandfathers whom continue to provide for their family generation after generation. We would not be the women we are today without such strong family men in our lives.

Professors and professional support received from the School of Visual Arts, special thanks to Jeff Edwards for posting about SoapSkeptics on the Visual And Critical Studies Blog, Annette Wehrhahn for giving us some helpful tips.

Our friends and local communnity for sharing on facebook and social networking to help spread the word along with those who visited us at June Bug and helped us out in some ways: 
Tegan James, Bryn Krenner, Olivia Beer, Brianna Zukarfein, Valentina Gordon, Jennifer Reis, SEEMORIAH, Alex Manikas, Julia Garcia, Kerri McNeill, Tyler Coy, Tara Ali-Khan,  Wilfredo Benitez, Rebecca Grossman, Anda Simmons, Dulce Isler, Melissa Carolyn Maloney, Metuchen Yarn Bombers, Jennifer Daro, Pete Drago, Conner Calhoun,  Destination Moon, Josh Barocas, Walker Evans, Edison Reeves, Susie Stevenson, Mark Harris, The Sentinel Newspaper, Geoff Papas, WRSU FM, The Dream Catcher Girls Molly Weidmaier, Eric Silverman, Jon Johnson, the whole June Bug Committee, and so many more wonderful people. 

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